Transformers Animatronics Exhibition


The 11th March 2017 seen the opening of the long anticipated Transformers exhibition, at Emperors Palace Red Roman Shed.

Welcome drinks at the entrance hall, with a bright Transformers logo engulfing the arch; we could not wait to get inside.

The tables in the food court were laid out exquisitely with an assortment of snacks and delicacies, while the bar was adequately stocked with beverages of all kinds.

There were even kiddies tables (embedded with steel imprints of Transformers’ pictures), wax crayons and paper which all together kept many a child entertained.

After an introductory speech from the CEO of Expo RSA, the exhibition was officially declared open, and everyone hastily made their way to the exhibition entrance door.

I must commend the organizers on their choice of venue- it not only catered for a large number of people, but also, there was plenty of room for all.



The expo is divided into 3 parts. It begins with a show of the first generation of robots, moving onto the second and finally the third.

The 1st and the 2nd generation models have been sculptured out of a soft rubber like material and almost exactly, resemble the cartoon drawings. Only the most loyal fans and art fundi’s will truly appreciate these sculptors, as the attention to detail (right up to the angle of the jaw line) is truly impeccable.

The 3rd generation really steps it up a notch and brings us into the present era. Fully fledged metal robots, with glowing eyes staring down at you, in a dark lit room- one cannot help but question the existence of these ‘things’!  A pinch to confirm reality quickly sorts that out, and, moving along brings one to the exit hall.

All in all, the expo lasts about 30 – 45 mins, dependant on the level of fan that you are. Information screens (for the ultimate enthusiast) stand alongside each Robot, detailing its history and role in the Transformers saga.



There is a stall located at the expo, where one is able to purchase novelties and toys. These do come at a price (as they are branded), so be certain to have a full purse.


Food and Drinks

The chef is always on call, and the tables are fully layered. I quite enjoyed the cupcakes bearing the Transformers logo, as well as the Transformers shaped chocolate brownies. These are definitely not to be passed by, and indulgence is key.



Kiddies Entertainment

A jumping castle ensures the privacy of attendees while also serving the purpose of entertaining kids. As mentioned previously, there are also kiddies tables with picture imprints which proved fruitful.

For older kids, there is a Playstation booth where they can immerse themselves into a videogame or two.



A good outing for the family, and a great exhibition for enthusiasts.

However, do not be disappointed with unreasonable expectations of robot-car conversions for there are none. If such technology were in existence today, I am quite certain that they would be on our roads and not in an exhibition hall. That is, after making it on the cover page of GH first!!!


Where to from here

With the exhibition at Emperors Palace ending on the 28th of May; there is still ample time to catch it. They then move to Centurion Mall before being shipped off to the Mother City in early November 2017.

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