The World’s First Foldable Handset


Samsung’s innovative edge never ceases to amaze us. From the advent of smart phones to the birth of smart television sets, they have constantly remained at the top of their league and have proved a formidable competitor in the gigantic industry of consumer electronics.

They remain world leaders even in adverse conditions and rumor has it that they are soon to make a comeback with their Samsung Galaxy X, regaining much consumer confidence after the widely publicized Samsung S7 Tablet explosion saga.

‘What is the Samsung Galaxy X?’ Well, we wouldn’t blame you for not knowing since no formal press conference had been held in regards to this oddly crafted mobile phone. To answer, the Samsung Galaxy X is rumored to be the world’s first ‘foldable’ handset, and is certain to take the planet by storm, securing its electronic footprint in the world of mobile phones. After all, it is not every day that one has the innovative edge to build a mobile device featuring a ‘bending’ capability that can fold over with ease.

At present, only prototypes and concept handsets have been built, but the formal product is rumored to launch sometime this year. Waiting in anticipation, many had expected the Korean company to unveil this extraordinary device at the last Mobile World Congress held in February 2017, but all that was on offer (apart from existing products and services) were more teasers confirming the existence of this mobile handset.  Furthermore, trademarks have been filed by Samsung for the Galaxy X and it is now a game of patience until a formal launch. Awesome Much!