About Us

Born out of our love for gadgets and gizmos and all things quirky, comes Gadget Hunters SA, a growing enterprise that together with its affiliates, strives to bring you the latest in novelty gifts, electronic gizmos and rare products.
As is evident in our name Gadget Hunters- we search for, review and market gadgets and from time to time- even gadget makers- with the ultimate aim of encouraging budding inventors to follow suite, and apply their own skills and knowledge in the development and manufacture of innovative items, beneficial to society as a whole.
Through this process we serve our customers by providing gadgets, novelties and other items that make common everyday tasks and chores fun and fulfilling; while also serving the community in showcasing undiscovered talent that we may find along the way.



We are no strangers to the world of Gadgets. And while every gadget is unique, the complex blending of visually pleasing aesthetics with technology ensures the creation of something extraordinary. Combined with good ergonomics and functionality of design, determines the product’s overall scoring level on the scale of innovation and whether or not worthy enough to earn our GH stamp of approval.
While we showcase a large number of products and with our range of products continuously growing, all products that are endorsed by us will carry the GH stamp of approval clearly visible on the product image in our catalogue.




Since our business model does not exclude the benefit of other players in the industry, we welcome suppliers and competitors to contact us in an effort to encourage good business practices and forge better trade relations. Should you wish for us to review and showcase your product or events on our website, kindly fill out our contact form, and we will make every effort to respond to you within 24hrs. Alternatively, email us at info@gadgethunters.co.za .



As Gadget Hunters, we tend to spend a significant portion of our time travelling, and are afforded with the opportunity to experience various destinations inaccessible to the general public. For this, we have set out a dedicated blog page detailing the most exotic locations and events that we encounter, locally and while abroad.



Gadget Hunters is a black owned and managed enterprise and falls under the scope of being a level 1 procurer. Please contact us for more details.



In an effort to provide assistance to people from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and underprivileged communities, Gadget Hunters endures to be proactive in its stance of positively contributing to socio-economic development and talent exposure. More details to be made available shortly. Interested parties are welcome to contact us at info@gadgethunters.co.za .